Services & Experience

With a multinational team of professional consultants, and having delivered projects globally, we pride ourselves on the global nature of our experience.

With project experience in North America, Western Europe, Australia and Asia, our teams have "boots on the ground" experience in implementing SAP GRC and security, as well as supporting the broader implementation needs.

With the broad applicability of GRC solutions, we have worked in various industries to help companies implement, reimplement and design their SAP security as well as to incorporate strong governance and oversight of their risks.

Regulations such as FERC, NERC and SOX, in conjunction with different security architectures for industries such as utilities, retail, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, telecom, government, federal service and more, has allowed our teams to develop specific industry solutions for the problems faced by our clients.

Every customer has a different set of requirements. Implementing good security and GRC requires those requirements to be understood, and an appropriate solution to be developed.

At vividConsulting.INFO, our teams have deep and broad experience in customizing GRC solutions, including screen changes, BRF+ customization, as well as integration using Greenlight connectors to non SAP systems.

In addition, our custom security architectures encompass various SAP technologies, including Portal, BPC, CRM, SRM, HR as well as traditional ECC security.

Having completed over 20 projects across industries, our teams have found models and solutions that are repeatable and help to reduce the time that it takes to implement. We are able to provide this expertise to our customers with the goal of providing out of the box approaches and solutions to problems that share a lot in common with other businesses in those industries.

Our security role maps, GRC ruleset maps and implementation plans gives our customers options that would reduce the time that it would normally take to customize and implement these technologies.

Knowledge is power. Knowing the strength of your security design and the ability of your GRC implementation to identify risks is key to knowing how vulnerable your business is to fraud.

Having a keen eye for simplicty with security, our approach allows customers to get an end-to-end audit of their GRC implementation as well as their security architecture.

With this information, better decisions can be made towards reducing unwanted access to the SAP systems, implementing GRC functionality that may have been skipped, modifying SAP roles with org level restrictions, or even considering custom approval workflows within GRC.

Large implementation projects can involve numerous teams with a range of expertise.

Our Subject Matter Experts, with deep knowledge in best practices and approaches to SAP security, GRC, and integration of SAP systems, are available to give you the right input when you need it.